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At John M. L. Brown, P.C., we can help you mediate all aspects of your divorce, including financial support obligations. Below, we have provided some helpful information about spousal support and child support mediation in Tennessee.

Child Support Mediation Begins With A Formula

As in other states, child support in Tennessee is calculated using a formula that considers parental income, child-related expenses and other factors. Unless challenged, the resulting child support amount is assumed to be correct and reasonable.

This calculation could be considered a baseline minimum for child support obligations. In mediation, parents can negotiate additional funds to pay for experiences, educational opportunities and care for their children that were not considered in the baseline award. These can include:

  • Costs of sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities
  • Costs of camps and other social activities
  • Tuition for private school or supplementary education
  • Additional medical/dental care or more comprehensive health insurance
  • Clothing, school supplies and other necessary expenses
  • Trips and family vacations

The expenses discussed during mediation would be things not generally considered in the child support formula. But if they are important to you and your children, it's a good idea to discuss these additional expenses during mediation. Trying to have ad-hoc discussions with your co-parent later on could lead to conflict and resentment.

Negotiate The Spousal Support Option Appropriate For You

Spousal support, often called alimony, remains an important tool to ensure that both spouses maintain basic financial stability after divorce. There was a time when spousal support was nearly always awarded and given a lifetime duration. That is no longer the case. In cases where alimony is deemed necessary or appropriate, there is considerable flexibility in:

  • The specific purpose of the payments (periodic, rehabilitative, transitional, etc.)
  • The duration of payments (indefinite/lifetime, fixed duration, lump sum)
  • The payment amounts

Spousal support must be negotiated and awarded concurrent with the divorce process. It generally cannot be sought afterward. Therefore, spousal support mediation should be part of your overall divorce mediation proceedings.

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